VERBO TO BE PASSADO (WAS/ WERE) ERA / ESTAVA *No passado do VERB TO BE temos 2 verbos ( Was / were) que significa Era e Estava. Os termos was e were são a forma past simple do verbo to be, ou seja, a forma do passado simples do verbo ser/estar. Veja como eles são usados: OBSERVE: WAS SINGULAR / WERE PLURAL FORMA AFIRMATIVA I WAS YOU WERE HE WAS SHE WAS IT WAS YOU WERE THEY WERE FORMA INTERROGATIVA I WAS...? YOU WERE...? HE WAS...? SHE WAS...? IT WAS...? WE WERE...? YOU WERE...? THEY WERE...? FORMAS NEGATIVA I WAS NOT YOU WERE NOT HE WAS NOT SHE WAS NOT IT WAS NOT WE WERE NOT YOU WERE NOT THEY WERE NOT FORMA NEGATIVA ABREVIADA I WASN’T YOU WEREN’T HE WASN’T SHE WASN’T IT WASN’T WE WEREN’T YOU WEREN’T THEY WEREN’T EXEMPLOS: Observe as 3 formas. HE WAS HERE YESTERDAY. (Ele ESTEVE aqui ontem.) HE WAS NOT HERE YESTERDAY. (Ele NÃO ESTEVE aqui ontem) HE WASN’T HERE YESTERDAY. (ELE NÃO ESTEVE aqui ontem. WAS he here yesterday? ( Ele ESTEVE aqui ontem?) EXERCISES 1-Sublinhe a resposta correta. a) These shoes was /were very expensive. b) That shop was /were shut last week. c) Joe was /were here last night. d) I was/were ill yesterday. e) We was/were very busy two weeks ago. f) Our hotel was/were very clean. g) You was/were brilliant! h) My parents was/were in Italy in March. i) I was/were very happy last year. j) Kate was/were at home yesterday. 2. Complete as frases com was, wasn't, were ou weren't. a) Victoria was at drama school, too, but she ______________ at my school in Cardiff. b) Tom _____________ in Cardiff from January to April. He wasn't there in May. c) Pedro and I were at the same school, but we _____________ in the same class. d) Mark and Amanda were in Cardiff last year, too, but they weren't at drama school. They _______ at university. e) The course wasn't easy. Last term ____________ very difficult. f) I ____________ happy! I was worried a lot of the time.

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j) was

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